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Date night … date night?

I feel like date nights have become a thing of the past, I remember all the fun dates my partner and I used to go on when we were still in New Zealand sadly no photos were taken so I can’t share any outfit deets on those. When we first moved to Melbourne we had been so busy settling in find jobs finding places to live etc that we forgot to go on dates. Now that we’ve brought a house it seems even more impossible for us to go on dates. We used to frequent the movies on tight ass Tuesday but lately we’ve both been so busy with work and other commitments that we haven’t had the time to go out,and to be honest I’m hanging for a good steak meal lol

As of late most date nights have been looking like the below:



This is what most of weekends consist of take out, couch and finally catching up on Breaking Bad. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE spending time with him at home doing nothing just talking making funny faces at each other and laughing but sometimes a girl just wants to get all dressed up and do that at a restaurant or a movie or even a McDonalds I’m not fussy lol

Since moving to Melbourne I haven’t really made any friends, so I’m really missing going on lady dates. I used to love going out for dinner and drinks with my girlfriends, boozy lunches and sunday brunches. Friday night I finally got to go on a girls night – it really wasn’t a girls night it was a farewell dinner and drinks but I’m taking it! Finally an excuse to get out of the house and have some girl time. Unfortunately for me the person who was leaving work was the one I got along with most – anyway thats a different story, time for the outfit!

It has been very cold in Melbourne lately so dresses are a no-no I went with jeans, a black ruffle top and a jacket



Jacket: City Chic
Top: City Chic
Jean: City Chic
Check out all the Aussie Curves babes below for hot date inspiration xx


  1. Charlene says:

    Aww babe you two need to spoil yourselves a bit more! I know you’re both busy but even if you set aside a night every month you could still get dressed up and go out!
    It totally sucks when you move and have to remake friends but give it time, it’ll happen!
    Im glad you finally got to get dressed up! You look great!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    RIGHT! I’m in Melbourne and I believe we should meet up for a coffee/boozy lunch/etc (and mayhaps get a teeny tiny photo shoot shuffled in there!) How does this sound? Also, I think your description of date nights at your house at the moment and in this weather sound splendid! I love your bag in these pics, and sucks about your friend leaving your work.

  3. I adore your hair!!!!!! Gorgeous!! I have lived in Perth my whole life but have just found a new HUGE group of friends through my blog and instagram. I wonder if they have a dedicated Aussie curves branch off for melbourne girls like we do for Perth?

  4. Oh yeah, dates on the couch are THE BEST. But sometimes a girl just needs to go out. Haha.

    Sorry to hear your favourite is leaving work. For goodness sake, find a way to stay in touch like a stalker and get yourself invited to some future lady dates. That would be my strategy. Stalk and make them love me. It’s probably not a great plan but I’m sure you can make it work. haha.

  5. SpijkerKat says:

    you look super cute!

    I agree with Charlene – make some time & treat yourselves to a date every now & then.
    I moved from NZ to Perth this year & though I had a couple of friends here, i made friends with some girls from aussie curves & its been the best x

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