Aussie Curves – Blue


I feel blue … Perfect timing for Aussie Curves week I guess This week has been quite a hard long stressful week. But atleast yay it’s finally the weekend!! (insert excitement and party emojis here)

This week I wore blue to work and I thought why not take advantage and take photos for the challenge. I work in an office but it’s not overly corporate so I can wear basically what I want as long as it’s tidy and not too casual. After a few bitchy comments at work I decided to not let it get me down and I’ll wear whatever I want including my blue tunic which is a bit short (but I did wear a skirt underneath) and my favourite boots that say “don’t mess with me”

blue 6
I really wanted to use these for the leather challenge the week before but alas life got in the way and I wasn’t able to get to it in time. I wasn’t going to let my shitty week get the better of me again so here we go:

Blue tunic and Blazer: City Chic

Boots: Farmers

blue 5
Bag: Target (on sale woohoo)
Spike necklace: Can’t remember

Well that’s all from me check out the other Aussie Curves babe for more bluespiration xx




  1. Jacqueline says:

    I love this blue tunic and sorry that you’ve been feeling blue, at least it is the weekend now and it is sunny (at least where I am, hopefully where you are too) . About them bitchy comments from peeps at work… well, if it was about what you are wearing then, stuff them, cos you fabulous! <3 Blogging and confidence about your style etc will always bring the haters out of the woodwork. You were right to shrug it off for sure.
    Also, yes, those boots are certainly ruling in the kingdom of awesome boots! :D

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