Mufflette – the breakfast hero

muffletteOkay now I don’t profess to be some sort of amazing cook not even a good cook just a pretty standard one to be honest, but I thought I’d share away anyway.

Now we’ve all heard it before “breakfast is the most important meal of the day etc etc” some people can go on about this subject but me? Not really.

I’ve never eaten breakfast unless it’s the weekend (I love weekend breakfasts salmon eggs benny, bacon eggs mushrooms oh my) and I don’t really enjoy cereal unless it’s that sugary crap that’s not good for you so why eat that?

I do enjoy museli but don’t enjoy raisins or sultanas which is pretty much in every single museli packet you buy and I’m way to lazy to make my own.

I’ve decided to try and get healthy (small steps here people – I’m not about to change everything right now) and breakfast is part of a healthy diet and it kickstarts your metabolism. As mentioned above I don’t like cereal and I want to lessen carb intake so toast is out but eggs … eggs are definitely in!

Lately I’ve been making a frittata in the evening and that will last my partner and I about 3 days – we’ve both been really enjoying them but last night I felt like a change – ok ok it’s not really a change it’s basically the same thing as the frittata but instead of going into one big baking dish it goes into a muffin tray. Let me introduce to you MUFFLETTES

The ones I’m making today are vegetarian as that’s all we had in the fridge and I didn’t want these ingredient to go to waste but honestly you can put in whatever you like.mufflette ingred


6 eggs
½ tomato
1 small brown onion or ½ medium
mushrooms (to your liking – I used 3)
garlic cloves (I used 3 – 4)
huge bunch of baby spinach
spring onion

I normally like to add capsicums, bacon or chicken but we had nothing left


Step 1: preheat your oven 180C fanforced or 200C

Step 2: Line your muffin tin with baking paper mufflette tin lining honestly I would skip this next time and just spray it with a bit of olive oil to stop it from sticking
yes yes I had to utilise our medicine to weigh down the paper until time to put the egg mix (don’t worry I wiped them all first)

Step 3: lets get chopping! dice your onion and slice mushrooms and tomato  – watch your fingersmufflete chopping board

Step 4: Sautee! Heat your frypan, I used coconut oil to stop the vegies from sticking you can use butter, olive oil etc
Put your onions in and give them a toss once they’ve softened a bit add the mushrooms toss them around and turn heat to low

Step 5: While the onions and mushrooms and sautéing away I take this opportunity to crack and beat my eggs I add salt and pepper to season – don’t forget to keep an eye on the fry pan during this step

Step 6: use your garlic crusher/mincer and put the minced garlic in with the onions and mushrooms then toss, toss TOSS

Step 7: add the tomatoes pan give it a good toss or two then add big handfuls of spinach (I used about 300g of baby spinach) keep tossing that until the spinach has decreased in size. mufflette sauteed ingred

Step 8: the fun part – assembly. Evenly scoop the sautéed mixture into each muffin cup? Then add little chunks of feta to each one. Carefully pour the egg mixture  evenly (mine weren’t even) into one aswell.

Step 9: the easy part! Into the oven it goes I put mine in for about 20mins pulled it out sprinkled on the chopped spring onion, cracked pepper and grated some parmesan over them all and cookec for another 5 – 10ish minsmufflette

There you have it easy delicious and nutritious lol
Each morning I just grabbed one put in it a sandwich bag and heat it up at work for about 1 – 1/2 mins


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