Aussie Curves – Red

red 2Warning! Disclaimer!

So I thought better warn you first that the outfit photos are gonna be mirror selfies that are usually reserved for instagram. My usual photographer (the boyfie) has been extremely busy and unable to take pics for me. So apologies in advance but I really wanted to play along as have been having withdrawl symptoms lol

red 6red 9

Soooooooo Aussie Curves – Red … that has been quite the challenge for me. Red is not a colour I generally wear, I have about three items of red clothing well four if you inclue a bra.

 red 1red 8red 5

When I think of red I think sexy and when I think Christine Dyer sexy is definitely not a word that comes to mind. After digging through my wardrobe hoping for more red items to magically appear I decided I would use my red plaid shirt. I’ve had this for years and wear it quite often as it’s easy to chuck on and comfortable.

red 7

For this challenge I decided to channel my ghetto fabulous inner white girl gangsta (I have been watching a lot of Orange is the New Black lately which may have influenced this) but if I’m honest I’ve always been a bit on the gangsta side my friends would always call me an inside out oreo, or it could be lumberjack glam, is that a thing?

red 10

I paired my plaid shirt with distressed boyfriend jeans pulled up to be highwaisted, white tee I tied into a crop top, leopard vans (which I love and don’t get to wear enough), finished it off with a gold chain (necessary accessory for any gangsta) and red lips!

red 3

Shirt – Farmers

White tee – Asos Curve

Jeans – Big W

Leopard print vans – Hype

Necklace – Gabriellas

Lipstick – Nutrimetics courtesy of a friend

Once again apologies on the mirror selfies – I purchased a tripod for my iphone from ebay just waiting for it arrive!

So check out the Aussie Curves babes below more rocking red outfits.

Peace out homies

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