Aussie Curves – Everyday Style

Everyday style … hmmmm do I have an everyday style?
When it comes to fashion I looooooove it, but I think my style is pretty mainstream. There’s not one particular style I lean towards most I’m not particularly edgy, girly, modern, vintage, sporty etc.

I love all styles but I don’t identify with one wholey, which is why I say my style is probably mainstream and comfortable. In weekends I live in jeans because to me they’re comfy especially the TDF’s, during the week it’s generally skirt top and stockings.

This last week I’ve been more uninspired then usual so I havn’t posted everyday on the Aussie Curves FB page like a lot of you (have been totes in love with seeing all your outfits tho), so I’m just posting some pics below os past outfits posted on insta

ootd6ootd7ootd3 ootd4ootd1ootd5ootd4ootd2

Well loves thats all from me be sure to check out the other Aussie Curves babes showing off their everyday style xox


  1. Kobi Jae says:

    You’ve got a really versatile style! That’s cool. Also, those pants in the last photo are INSANELY amazing. I don’t really wear pants, but if I did i’d wear the shit outta them :)

  2. Sophie says:

    You look really different in all of the photos! It’s great to see a diversity of clothing styles across the week. Each outfit looks well put together too!

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